Tips On Mending A Broken Friendship

Tips On Mending A Broken Friendship
Tips On Mending A Broken FriendshipTips On Mending A Broken Friendship

Hello lovelies, it’s the beginning of another week and even though valentine’s day is past, it’s never not about sharing love. Not just between you and your significant other, but also among family, friends, colleagues, school mates and every other person you care about.

So what about that ride or die friend you’ve lost touch with? You guys couldn’t go one day without chatting or calling each other. You had her back and she had yours. But for some reason, you’ve grown apart.

“It hurts so much that we do not talk anymore but I could not be the only one putting effort into our friendship that was already dead so I just gave up.”

Do not make this quote your reality. The bond of friendship is pure and unconditional, so try to mend a broken friendship. How can this be done?

1. Let it go

Whatever might be the reason, it is important to let go first. It could be yours or your friend’s fault. Letting go of the past is important. It will be difficult for you to make a new start unless you do not let go of the situation.

2. Write it down

The best way to express your feelings is through writing. Simply write an email or a letter for your friend. Words can describe your feelings in a positive way. Write down your feelings, why it happened, and why you want to start afresh. Accepting your role and apologizing will make things better.

3. Stay calm

Do not indulge in any blame game once you have decided to mend a broken friendship. The minute you start blaming, everything will be back to square one. Blaming your friend will further result in intense argument. To start everything on a good note, it is important to stay calm. Let your friend also express her feelings. This can help to make your friendship stronger than before.

4. Do not get your ego in between

Pride, arrogance and ego are words that can ruin any relationship. Do not get your ego in your friendship. If it was your mistake, willingly accept it and apologize. Friendships are to be cherished, because it helps us to grow in life. Do not keep an arrogant behavior if you want your friend back in your life.

5. Revive old times

Revive the old times spent with your friend. All the good memories that you shared with your friend will definitely make your friend nostalgic. Reviving old times can also help to build a new positive approach. When both of you will think similarly, it will be easier to mend a broken friendship.

6. Be honest and thoughtful

Be honest in your approach. It is important for you to be thoughtful regarding the whole situation. Your sincere effort will work wonders for your friendship.

7. Go slow

Once you start talking to your friend, go slow. You cannot expect the same behavior from your friend as before. It will take time for her to let go of things. So, give her the time she needs. Once you start talking regularly, you will notice the same comfort level as you used to share with her.

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  • GraysBibi March 2, 2016 12:22 pm

    Nice write-up.. I recently played catch up with my used-to-be best friend and I intend to put your article to good use.

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