Fun Facts About Michelle Obama You Didn’t Know

Fun Facts About Michelle Obama You Didn’t Know
Fun Facts About Michelle Obama You Didn't KnowFun Facts About Michelle Obama You Didn’t Know

Being the First Lady of the United States is tough. But Michelle Obama has it all that is required to be standing as one proud First Lady. She has a charisma of her own and several things to flaunt about. Do you wish to know them? Then have a look at some facts about the First Lady of America.

She loves playing sudoku.

Her husband Barack Obama worked under her at a Chicago law firm.

When Barack Obama was working under her in her office, she went with him on a date. However, she found him to be inappropriate and thus declined his offer when he asked for the first time.

She skipped her second grade at school, along with her brother.

She was addicted to playing the piano so much so that she couldn’t stop.

She hates losing and that’s why she didn’t participate in sports, although she was a great athlete.

Her first impression of her husband was that he had a big nose.

Barack Obama calls her ‘My Rock’.

She didn’t know about the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden until it was executed.

She stayed in Chicago with her daughters and didn’t move to Washington DC when her husband was elected to the US Senate.

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