Ways To Avoid Temptation While Dieting

Ways To Avoid Temptation While Dieting
Ways To Avoid Temptation While DietingWays To Avoid Temptation While Dieting

“Yummy red velvet cake! Biting into one of them won’t really affect me much.” Is this something you have been telling yourself lately? Well then, I understand the ongoing temptation in you.

Even the last choice on your menu seems tastier when on diet, isn’t it? Here are a few steps to help you control those temptations, especially when dieting.

1. Sharing is caring

Share the goodies with people around you. This helps to avoid adding the innumerable calories to your body.

2. Party preferences

Parties are dieters’ weakest areas. While the crowd is munching your favorite delicacies, sticking on to your diet might be really difficult. Instead, plan your party meal. Start with the food type that is tasty and yet low on calories. Salads and soups are your saviours. Plan your main course with a combination of low calories. Skip the cream topping on fruit salads. Avoid soft drinks and take fresh fruit juices instead.

3. Coffee, snacks and gossip

This is for those at the workplace where break time discussions or gossip are often complemented with coffee and snacks. Instead carry a box of cut fruits, salads or sprouts from home. Keep the sugar levels to minimum. Over and above, have coffee or tea only when you really need it. Discussions can still be hot without a coffee, right?

4. Nutritive box

Always keep a “nutritive box” with low calorie snacks with you. So the next time you feel hungry in between meals open this box instead of a packet of chips! Also increase your water intake to avoid “in between meal” temptations.

5. What the mirror says

Whenever you get tempted to eat the junk, take a quick look at you in the mirror. Ask, or rather remind yourself, “Why invite unwanted calories when I am getting back to shape!” Implement it and realize the magic!

6. Sleeping jeans in the wardrobe

Pick the jeans that did not fit you in the last six months. Try wearing it once every day. This is your motivation to stay firm on your diet. Say to yourself that you won’t stop till you fit into your favorite pair of jeans

Tempted to eat the cake again? Well then, read the article again and again!

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