# SHEVOICES: This could be you

# SHEVOICES: This could be you


Long time no see!!! Yeah, I miss you too.

Btw, have you heard of #SHEVOICES? Women with one goal – RELEVANCE!! This could be you.

The World is Waiting for You!


What is your name?


What do you want the world to know about you?

Your Voice

What would you say if you were speaking in a room filled with 500,000 women?

Social Media handles

Now we know you, how can we reach you?

That’s all! Click here to submit your entry into #SHEVOICES campaign BY AWLO(African Women in Leadership Organisation) TV.

And this could be you!


FADE OGUNRO_2ELIZBETH AKANBI_2CELINA WATAZ_2png - Copy#SHEVOICES by AWLO TV is a campaign to mark the official launch of AWLO(African Women in Leadership) TV, Africa’s First Women Web TV. Kamdora.com is the official partner of #SHEVOICES by AWLO TV.

Kaymee Bassey
Kaymee Bassey is a presenter and content creator. She's the CM of facebook.com/kayinspires

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