Worked My Butt Off

Worked My Butt Off
Me 🙂
How I  WOrked my Butt off + 3 Butt Shaping Exercises To Try Out This Week

This is not a fitness journal “obviously”.

If you know me, you would know that I am a size 6 but I absolutely love wearing oversized pieces! I feel great about my body. I wasn’t always a size 6 though but thanks to over 5 strikes of ulcer and an extremely high metabolism rate, I pull off a very good skinny & fit look and this allows me remain a foodie :D.

For so long I have be mistaken for a model and my response would always be “nah Im not a model, Im just skinny” but recently thanks to James, I have started slowly appreciating the “you look like a bikini model” complement. All is well in the land of Oge well expect for my mphem mphem. All I want is a well rounded, bouncy butt…that makes my jeans fit better and look great.

“Is it too much to ask biko??”

I tried squats o, I even did that 30-day social media challenge but to no avail. After all the mouth I was making at work all I need up with was a horrible neck pain….mchew. I realised that I wasn’t getting my squat frame right and a load of other misconceptions. SO fro this ladies, I give you the top 3 Butt Shaping Exercises To Try Out This Week!

Ladies, we all want that firm, we’ll rounded, bouncy butt…. For one, it makes or jeans fit better. It also give that hourglass shape we all crave. So how can we achieve this?

To have a great body means having a properly shaped body that includes a perfect butt. Most exercising machines concentrate on abdomen and arms. However, for the butt, there is no special equipment as such. Try out these exercises to help you shape your butt.
1. Squats

This is simplest form of exercise that can your butt look tight.


Getting it right:

i. Spread your legs slightly, and get into the sitting position for 3-4 minutes.

ii. Get up back on your feet.

iii. Go back to the sitting position for 4-5 minutes and repeat the cycle.

Once you are good at this, you can introduce slight weight as well. Hold the weight in your arms while repeating the cycle.
2. Lunging

This simple butt shaping exercise also helps in toning leg muscles and making them stronger.


Getting it right:

i. Stand on a mat and ensure that there is some empty space around you.

ii. Step your left foot forward and keep your forward leg centered around your ankle.

iii. While still in position, ensure that the right foot is bent and the strain is on your toe. However, do not put too much pressure or move your legs too much apart.

iv. Come back to your starting position and concentrate on your hip and leg while doing so.

-You could do this exercise while holding dumbbells in your hands as well.

3. Glute kicks

For this will need you to have a mat and lots of space.



Getting it right:

i. As the first step, you need to get on your hands and knees on the floor.

ii. The knees must be bent at 90 degrees. Also, your thighs must be perpendicular to the floor.

iv. Once you are in position, slightly lift your left leg back up until it is higher than your head. While doing so, your bent knee must still be at 90 degrees.

v. Bring back your left leg back to the starting position.

vi. After a minute, repeat the same exercise with your right leg.

Though exercising is important to remain fit, ensure that you eat a balanced meal to get rid of unwanted fat from your body.

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  • GraysBibi February 24, 2016 11:15 am

    Sigh… I’m a size 6 too. And I kinda want a minimal round shaped back side ? but, sigh… Consistency is a problem! ?

  • Amu Beauty February 25, 2016 4:03 pm

    I really do need this in my life. Tried squats for weeks, it was really painful but
    didn’t get the desired result, guess i wasn’t doing it well then. Would devote myself well into it with these steps. Thanks Oge #Kamdora

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