Beauty Myths That Are Actually True

Beauty Myths That Are Actually True

beauty myths

Beauty Myths That Are Actually True

We have heard so many crazy beauty myths for as long as we can remember like washing your face with your first urine in the morning can give you a fresh face and so many like that. Let us not be so quick in dispelling some facts because some of them are actually true. Some true myths include:

  1. Wearing a tight ponytail can lead to baldness: Any hairstyle that causes tension by pulling at the scalp and root can lead to scarring hair loss and the hair won’t grow back. So let’s stay away from too-tight hairstyles.
  2. Rubbing your eyes causes wrinkles: This action doesn’t cause wrinkle directly but the rubbing motion stretches the skin around the eye and this leads to the appearance of premature aging over time. So avoid rubbing your so eyes often.
  3. Rinsing your hair with beer can make it thicker: Beer contains certain ingredients such as barley and hop which contain vitamins that can make the hair appear thicker, stronger and shiner while the alcohol acts as a cleansing agent. This can’t permanently thicken your hair but can last till your next wash.
  4. The best place to store your perfume is in the fridge: Perfumes should be stored at a cool temperature or better still in the fridge this is because the delicate oils and chemicals used in making them are sensitive and easily destroyed by heat.
  5. Lip balms can be addictive: Lip balm works by making your skin dependent on certain ingredients like camphor, menthol and salicylic which work together with other ingredients to hydrate the lips but cause further dryness which leads you to keep on applying more lip balm.
  6. Conditioners can serve as shampoos: If you have dry and damaged hair, using a conditioner to wash your hair is best for you, this is because conditioners just like shampoos contain surfactants which forms the lather but conditioners contain less hence has a milder effect.

Kamdolls, did you know about these myths? we always love to hear from you, please leave your answers by commenting below… xoxo

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