Is He Committed To Me?

Is He Committed To Me?
Is He Committed To Me?Is He Committed To Me?

Hmmmm….. Matters of the heart. It can really be tricky.

One of the most difficult phases of being in a relationship is the time when you want to know but are not sure if the guy you are seeing is committed to you. The easiest way is to ask him, but there are so many reasons as to why you wouldn’t want to do that.

Going out with him not really knowing what his intentions are about you can also put an inordinate amount of stress on you and can eventually ruin the relationship to you.

If you do not plan on talking about it, then the best way to find out if he is committed to you would be to look out for some subtle and not so subtle signs.

Here are some ways to know if he is committed to you.

1. He initiates the calls and the plans to meet

He calls you by himself and it is just not him returning the calls. He calls you once in a while during the day just to ask you how your day went and what you had been doing through the day. There is no real reason to call but he calls anyway and brings a smile to your face. He also makes plans so you can meet often.

2. You meet him during the week and not only during the weekends

You two meet up during the week and he makes time for you as much as you make the effort and make time for him. You don’t meet each other only during the weekends and at pubs or at his place because it is convenient. When he makes time for you and doesn’t come to see you only when he is free, you can be sure that he is committed to you and is serious about the relationship.

3. He introduces you to his friends

You will know that he is serious about you when he begins to introduce you to his friends, colleagues and people he generally cares about. You should stay away from him if he tries to hide you when his friends are around.

4. He consults you before taking important decisions

If he asks you for your inputs and suggestions before taking an important decision in his life, then it is a sure sign that he is really serious about you and values your insights in making decisions. It also means that he is committed to you and already sees you as an important part of his life.

5. He makes plans to travel and spend vacations with you

Travelling with someone and spending vacations together can be a testing time for couples and if he asks you to do both with him, it can only mean that he is really comfortable with you and is committed to you that he would trust you enough to spend his whole free time with you.

Look out for these subtle and not to subtle signs to know if he is committed to you. Do not break your head or scare him off by asking him. He will let you know when he is comfortable telling you about it.

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