5 Ways To Store Handbags And Purses

5 Ways To Store Handbags And Purses
5 Ways To Store Handbags And Purses5 Ways To Store Handbags And Purses

Women are very fond of handbags and most of them like to have a collection of handbags in their closet that go with most of their outfits. But many women face problems on how to store their purses and handbags. It is easy to have a variety of purses and handbags, but not so easy to store and keep them away from harm.

Some of us have enough space in their rooms to have shelves to keep the bags. Some of the ways to store them are given below.

1. Handbag Cubby

It is a good idea to store handbags in cubbies if you have enough space in your room.

2. Shelves and cupboards

Handbags can be stored in shelves and you can use shelf dividers for extra support. It looks good if your handbags are popped into transparent boxes. This way you can see which bag you need for an occasion.

3. Hooks and coat racks

You can hang your handbags on hooks in your room or wardrobe. You can even use nails or adhesive hooks on walls to keep your handbags in a row. The coat racks that are close to the door are very useful to hang your purses and handbags.

4. Shoe organizer

You can use a metal shoe organizer that can hold your bags and purses of different sizes easily. Another type of shoe organizer is the plastic shoe organizer that has plastic pockets and flaps to keep purses inside.

5. Plastic boxes

You can store handbags and purses in plastic boxes. The plastic boxes can be stacked and you can organize your handbags according to the seasons and frequency of use.

Other than this, you can store your handbags in places that are easily reachable. If you want to retain the shape of your bags, stuff them with plastic bags or paper balls. You can even use bag covers for wrapping your handbags to protect them from dust.

The above methods are very easy to apply and easily solve the problem on how to store handbags and purses.

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