8 Gym Essentials You Should Carry

8 Gym Essentials You Should Carry
gym essentials you should carry8 Gym Essentials You Should Carry

Saturday is always gym day, whether you want it to be or not. Oh, you thought you’d quit when #mastercardwellnessmonth ends? Think again. Drag your tired self out of bed and head for the gym.

Working out in a gym is serious business. You just can’t go empty handed; you have got to be prepared with essential and necessary items that will supplement your exercise routine in the gym. Here are 8 such things which ought to be packed in your gym bag before you embark on your workout session.

1. A water bottle

This item goes without saying. A bottle of water should always be carried along wherever you go, not only to the gym, since it replenishes the whole system and prevents dehydration.

2. A fruit or energy bar

You should always carry along a nutritious eatable when you go for any sort of exercise. Many times weakness, nausea, dizziness and other such feelings are experienced during, before or after a workout. Energy bars and fruits such as pears, apples and bananas are abundant with nutrients which will instantly make you stronger.

3. A change of clothes

A change of clothes, shoes and inner wear are important essentials which should be utilized after the workout. Neither is it healthy nor does it make you feel fresh to remain in sweaty, soiled clothes that can lead to you catching a cold and various other infections.

4. Music player

This one is not really a necessity but will boost your workout routine for sure, especially if you go to the gym alone. It gets tedious and boring to hit the gym with a vengeance without any music. It’s even more irksome to listen to music you don’t like in the gym.

5. Hair bands and clips

This is one situation most women can connect with. Forgetting your hair band or clips can make managing your hair difficult during a workout. It is better to keep an extra pair of clips and hair bands handy in your gym bag for such troublesome times.

6. A hand towel

Many international gyms provide hand and body towels to their patrons and if your gym does then you can skip this point. If your gym doesn’t have any such facility, you would need to carry a hand towel to wipe off the sweat and as well as a body towel to dry yourself after a bath.

7. Clean wipes

It’s important to remain bacteria and germ free in a sweat laden environment like a gym. You might come into contact with sweat, dirt or germs when using a machine that someone was on earlier. Once you have gotten off a machine, it’s best to clean your hands with a clean wipe or a sanitizer.

8. Face wash

A good face wash is a must to carry to the gym, especially if you have oily or acne ridden skin. Post workout, sweat settles on your face and wiping it away only worsens the condition for oily skin. It’s best to not leave your skin sweaty; rather rinse it with an effective face wash.

Hope this was helpful guys? *mwah*

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