Mistakes Ladies Make While Working Out

Mistakes Ladies Make While Working Out
lean-legsMistakes Ladies Make While Working Out

All women like to look attractive. The pressure of having a desirable body in the modern world is quite a lot, where almost everyone is working towards being slimmer and looking fitter. One of the main reasons why people want to have a good body is because they want to enter glamour related professions. For that matter, keeping the glamour bit aside, even in general, women are very conscious about their body because they feel that a good figure is the best way to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

However, while working out towards achieving a great figure, there are some common mistakes that most women tend to make. That’s why it seems you’re doing all you can and watching what you eat but you just don’t seem to be getting toned up.

It’s important to know and avoid these mistakes, so that the goal of being slimmer can be achieved easily without any problems. Common workout mistakes by women are as follows.

1. You use your neck more than your abs

Sounds strange? Well, this is actually true. While doing crunches, most women tend to stretch their neck muscles more than their abs, which is not only pointless when it comes to losing weight on the belly, but can also injure your neck very badly. So the next time you are doing this, consciously make your abs do more work than your neck. Lift your chin up and flush your tongue on the inside of the mouth, so that the pressure doesn’t strain your throat or injure your neck.

2. You don’t have a fixed order of exercises

Do you go to the gym everyday and choose a machine each day for exercising, based on what your mood is or what you feel like doing? Well, that is a totally wrong approach altogether! You need to have a fixed pattern of exercises for yourself. In other words, consult a specialist and get a proper program designed for yourself, so that you have daily goals to achieve and a specific order of exercises to follow. This program will work on the specific areas of your body that actually need toning, instead of making you lose weight at areas where you’re already fine.

3. You think more of everything is better

Just because your body is gradually getting used to the daily goals you have set for yourself, and you are feeling happier about it, doesn’t mean that you start doing more of the same exercises. Increasing the number of sets of the same exercises at the same pace is not going to help. Instead, you need to restrict the number of sets you do everyday, but increase the pressure on a weekly basis to challenge your body more.

4. You think you are doing great in your comfort zone

This is again linked to what we just talked about. When you are doing certain number of sets of the same exercises everyday, there will be a point when your body will get comfortable with it, and you will start to feel good about achieving your daily targets. However, if you keep continuing with the same goals everyday, then you are just being in your comfort zone, and are not challenging your body enough to take new pressures. You need to add pressure to help burn more calories, instead of letting your body be in the comfort zone where the rate at which the calories burn is going to be really low.

Are you guilty of any of the above mentioned mistakes? Do well to take note and make those corrections so as to get results for your workouts.



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