5 Ways To Lose Weight Doing Household Chores

5 Ways To Lose Weight Doing Household Chores

5 Ways To Lose Weight Doing Household Chores5 Ways To Lose Weight Doing Household Chores

It has been scientifically proven that doing household work indeed helps a person to lose a lot of weight. Activities such as gardening, cooking, washing dishes, doing laundry, vacuuming may seem like basic tasks at first, but when you indulge in them regularly, you will notice that not only do they tire your body, but also help you to shed those extra pounds.

Mentioned here are some ways in which you can get the maximum benefit and utility out of doing household chores and lose a lot of weight.

1. Go manual

You have a big pile of dishes to wash? Don’t load them in the dishwasher. Instead, wash them yourself manually. Those extra five minutes it takes to wash those dishes will seem worth it with the calories you burn while standing and washing them. Similarly, try and go manual on tasks such as dusting, cleaning and washing clothes. The more energy you put from your body, the more of your muscles will be used, and consequently, the more weight you will be able to lose.

2. Walk more

Cleaning up the table after dinner? If it has 20 things on it, make 20 trips to the kitchen to keep them back, rather than collecting all of them in one go and making one trip. Yes, it takes just a few minutes extra, but they seem all good and worth it when you include more walking in your routine that way. Also try and take the stairs always instead of the elevator. Don’t keep water by your side while reading or working, and make trips to the fridge each time you feel thirsty. Include as much walking in your daily home chores as you can. Walking is the best way to reduce weight, especially on the lower body.

3. Organize things

If you find the cupboard cluttered, re-organize it. Do it for your wardrobe, your kitchen cabinets, your bookshelves, and just about everything in your house. The more organized you try and become as a person, the more sorted your life will be. And in the process of that organization, you also lose a lot of weight by lifting and re-arranging things from scratch.

4. Repeat actions

Bend to take one clothing item from the tub, stretch to dry it on the rope. Bend again for the second one, stretch again to dry it, and so on. Make repeated actions out of all your daily chores to make them seem like sets of exercise. This may make you feel as if you are part of some assembly line factory unit, but trust the weight loss that comes with it! Similarly, while cleaning bookshelves, dust and clean one book, place it on the rack, clean the other one, place that one on the rack and so on, instead of cleaning them all together at once and then arranging them. The repeated methods make your muscles work more, leading to better burning of calories.

5. Take up more work

While outsourcing the tasks to family members or some kind of helper is always good, try and take up most of the tasks yourself, such as walking the dog, dusting and cleaning or painting walls. These kinds of things don’t take a lot of time and can easily be managed within existing schedules. When you don’t have the time to go the gym, these kinds of home chores help you fulfill your fitness and calorie burning goals.

The whole idea is to lay emphasis on being more active. Stop being lazy and lethargic and try and have fun while doing these home chores. You will soon be cleaning your way to a slim and smart figure!

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