Rocking Heels without Pain

Rocking Heels without Pain
Rocking Heels without Pain
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How to Rock Heels without Pain

Ever wonder how celebrities like Kim Kardashian manage to wear heels all day long? Even while heavily pregnant? I mean, hey, don’t they feel the same pain and strain we feel?

How about walking into a party with gorgeous stilettos and feeling all fly and sexy, then your feet unexpectedly twist to the side and you’ve to fight to keep your balance. That’s one of the most embarrassing things that could happen to a lady at any party..

So how? The trick is this…..

High heels not only make you look fashionable and sexy, they also give you a few more inches and with it a load of self-confidence.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure you are not in permanent pain because of your high heels.

1. Choose sensible heels

Do not go for those insanely high heels, where you totter around and have to hold on to somebody or something to walk. Choose a sensible heel that would let you walk normally.

2. Take them off and rest your feet

It is good to give your feet the well-deserved rest once in a while. Take off your heels and put up your legs. You will also let your back breathe for a while this way.

3. Buy heels from a good designer label

They are well designed and do not hurt as bad as the heels that are available everywhere. A lot of thought goes into making those designer heels.

4. Do not wear heels if you have to stand or walk for a long time

Wear them, but always carry a pair of flats in case you feel uncomfortable. Change into flats and keep your feet flat for a while.

5. Cushion your soles

This relieves the pressure on your feet to an extent. It hurts a lot less when your feet are cushioned.

6. Buy heels that have a wedge in the front

It helps in balancing the stiletto heels and also your posture so that your back is not bent at an abnormal angle.

Wear heels. Feel sexy. Just keep in mind these few simple rules to wear heels and save yourself from a lot of pain.

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