Why You Need To Detox Your Body #2

Why You Need To Detox Your Body #2

detox #2Why You Need To Detox Your Body #2

Hello fit-fam, how did your day go? I hope it wasn’t as hectic as mine? No one told me babysitting a 10 month old would be this stressful….?

So earlier, I mentioned that I had more benefits of body detox for you guys (read HERE). Did the first five benefits I put up motivate you? If so, how far have you gone in your detox journey?

In case you are still keen on knowing more, here are five more benefits of body detox. I hope you find it helpful.

Slows down aging

Can you see thin lines appearing around your eyes? And you just can’t believe it! When was the last you cleansed your body from within? Can’t recall, right? Detoxifying will rid your body of free radicals and heavy metals, thereby applying the brakes on early aging. It also accelerates absorption of antioxidants which help fight oxidative stress on a daily basis.

Builds a healthy lifestyle

Detoxification entails consumption of everything healthy. Fresh broccoli, cabbage, kale, garlic, cilantro, artichokes, olives, grapes, berries, watermelon, papaya and other healthy veggies that are excellent detoxifiers. Herbs and spices, probiotics like yogurt, whole grains, nuts, lean meat and aloe are just some of the many building blocks of a healthy, toxin-free life.

Quickens nutrient absorption

It is widely believed that detoxifying can accelerate the absorption of vital nutrients. It eliminates bad bacteria from the colon. It facilitates assimilation of antioxidants, vitamins, particularly Vitamin B and some minerals.

Helps you stay away from diseases

Living a fast paced life, you often tend to neglect your health. There are many elements that cause serious diseases in the body. Detoxifying regularly will help combat neurological diseases, heart diseases, stroke, cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure and other long-term, chronic ailments.

Helps you gain a great sense of well-being

Mental as well as physical well-being largely depends upon a healthy constitution. Detoxifying your body 2-3 times a year can promote the overall health of your mind and body. So, keep your digestive, nervous, immune and hormonal systems well balanced with the detox mantra!

So ladies, get on with it already.


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