LookBook #83: The Ankara Head Wrap

LookBook #83: The Ankara Head Wrap

LookBook #83: The Ankara Head WrapLookBook #83: The Ankara Head Wrap

 Hello gorg! Today’s ankara lookbook was inspired by the current situation of my hair and my go-to solution: The Ankara Head Wrap.

My nephews came in last night and as you can imagine I was up all night till the morning playing the good aunt. Before I realised it, my dad was set to leave the house and I had to rush out too. Let it be noted that I skip my morning “look gorgeous cause you can”  beauty routine: brush hair then curl with hot wand, wear makeup, style hair but I had-had a bath earlier sha thankfully so I left looking mental. Fortunately for me today is Friday so I just jejely grabbed a piece of ankara scarf as I ran out the door.

Long story short!, if you are looking to change up your daily hair routine, you should definitely try the ankara head wrap. Dont wait till you have a bad hair day, they are so hot right now so get on the trend!

The head wrap can def be styled in countless ways depending on personal touch, mood, choice of colour, accessories, outfit, way of wrapping it.

I personaly like doing the wrap because it helps evade bad hair days like today o!#MyFirstOfficalBadHairDayof@2016.

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