Do Selfies Like a Pro

Do Selfies Like a Pro
Do Selfies Like a Pro
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Tips: How to take the perfect selfie!

Hello Kamdolls, what have you been up to? Loads of fun stuff I guess. Well, there’s this little project I’m working on for you guys but I won’t tell you what it is until later. The only hint I’d give is that it’s really fun. Something you’d look forward to every week.

So let’s talk pictures… More specifically, selfies.

Selfies are the new rage today and we see everyone moving around with a selfie stick tucked into their bags (?guilty as charged). We just want to make sure we capture every moment that’s worth remembering. Now, the debate is just how much of a selfie queen you are!

When social media sites are celebrating the selfie competition, you should not be left behind. So, before you take your next selfie, check out 6 wonderful tips to take a super selfie.

1. Take your phone cover off

If you want to improve your picture quality, remove the phone cover off your phone. Agreed that there’s a hole in the cover for your camera lens, but the truth is that it catches the camera focus in the border, causing the image to be slightly blurred. So, next time try removing your phone skin and pose for a selfie.

2. Play with filters

Worried about that blemishes or wrinkles that is marring the beauty of your face? If you are too conscious about your looks, use filters to make your face look clean or jazz up your look with the use of color and light filters. Try different filter options before you select the best one.

3. Avoid mirrors

You are taking a selfie to project your beauty and not your phone’s. So avoid clicking selfies in front of mirrors. And even more, if you click the picture with the flash on, wow you will turn into one giant light ball!

4. Make it real fun

The greatest advantage of a selfie is that you can be on your own, pose the way you like and be at the silliest best you can. Pulling a duck face, fish face or clown face can be real fun and sometimes your cutest best can be captured through a selfie. So, try all those silly poses to get a natural and who knows, maybe your best shot ever!

5. Focus on the lights

Good lighting is a must for a great selfie. Bad light kills the beauty of the whole picture. So ensure you stand in a place that is well lit before clicking a selfie. Say cheese and capture the moment!

6. Do a background check please

Before clicking a selfie, one thing most people ignore is the background clutter. Piles of clothes, untidy rooms, open toilet, gloomy kitchen can all serve as a bad background for a picture. So, ensure you are standing, sitting or lying down against a good background before clicking your next selfie.

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