3 Ways To Have A Productive Week

3 Ways To Have A Productive Week

3 Ways To Have A Productive Week

3 Ways To Have A Productive Week

Yes ladies, it’s a new year and you don’t want to come off as “still sloppy” or “really disorganized”.  Do you have secret desires of being a superwoman? Have you always felt like you could do more but always struggle to figure out how? Do you feel a rush when you accomplish a lot in a couple of days?

I’ve about three really simple ways to have a productive week – an entire week of you delivering efficiently and not burning out due to the intensity of it all!

1. Plan

The key to having a productive week is planning, done with farsightedness at that! What is it that you absolutely need to do? What are your deadlines? What places do you have to be at? Do you need to take time out for salon and shopping? Have you already scheduled a meeting?

Make sure that you keep a buffer time, that is, not plan your week to the second! Also, ensure that you have kept time for yourself – time that is your own, and you can do whatever you want and not want to do! Squeeze in at least one hobby class, that is, if you enjoy it!

2. Act

The counterpart of planning is always acting. What good is a plan without you using it to act accordingly? Try to stick to your plan, of course while allowing flexibility for things that just spring up on you. If you do not feel like doing something, and you have room to play around with your schedule, do that! Treat your plan as a yardstick, and not as something to which you have to stick or a big yellow school bus will run you over!

3. Evaluate

The good thing about a plan, and corresponding action is that it takes just a thought or two to evaluate how you are doing. Your inner systems are smart; they are like the sensors and storage those fancy scientists want to build – recording and processing everything all the time. Tap within, see how are you doing, and make necessary changes!

And bam! Just like that in three easy steps, there you have it – a productive week. Do this every week to have a productive month. Though make sure that you keep at least one free weekend to just laze-out and blow off all the steam; letting your systems cool down and recharge completely! (I think I just made it sound like you’re a machine….. My bad?)

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