Wedding Glam #76: Plan for Everything

Wedding Glam #76: Plan for Everything

Wedding Glam #76 Plan for EverythingWedding Glam #76: Plan for Everything

Plan your outfit ahead Ladies! You’ll want to have your ensemble ready to go a couple of days before you dress for that 2016 wedding. Otherwise, you may be surprised that your trusty tailor or even a piece of accessory is out to get you!

Because you may not have much time between the date of the invitation & Asoebi collecting and the actual wedding itself, it’s helpful to be able to have everything together and ready-to-go.

Also, don’t forget to do your research and inquire about the church & reception location in advance to save yourself the humiliation of turning up in the wrong place or even getting lost.

This new year already looks promising with the number of asoebi styles already showing up! See this week’s picks below

Look 2: biddysmondo
Look 1: Biddysmondo
Look : 16worldoffashion
Look 2: Via 16worldoffashion
Look : tenyoseny
Look 3: Tenyoseny
Look : oshewabeauty
Look 4 : Via oshewabeauty
Look 3: olamide_h
Look 5: Olamide_h

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