My Top 4 Eyeshadow Brands

My Top 4 Eyeshadow Brands
My Top 4 Eyeshadow Brands
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My Top 4 Eyeshadow Brands

Hi Kamdolls, it’s beauty tell once again. This time, I’d be talking eyeshadows. How well do you know your eyeshadows?

Let’s see the different types existing and what makes them unique….

There are a few different finishes that a shadow can have. These include:

1. Sheer: This type of shadow comes in a pressed powder form, and will appear sheer on the lid. It will add just a hint of the color but will not be bold.

2. Matte: This type of shadow has no shimmer, sparkle, or metallic in it. It is just the plain color.

3. Shimmer: This type of shadow is a colour that also has shimmer, sparkle or metallic in it.

There are also many different kinds of shadow that can give you one of those three finishes. They include:

1. MAC


Powder: The most common type of shadow used, powder shadow comes pressed in a pan or pallet and stays firm in the pan until a finger or brush is used to pick up some of the powder.

2. Nars

NARS-Spring shadows

Cream: A creamy substance, the colour may be matte or shimmery. Cream eye shadow is commonly used as a base for powder or loose eye shadow.

3. Hard Candy Baked Shadow

Hard Candy Baked Shadow

Baked shadow– baked shadow is also pressed like a powder shadow, but it’s marbleized and baked in an oven. It can be used either dry or wet, and can sometimes have more than one color swirled in it.

Liquid– This type of shadow can also be matte or shimmery. Packaged in small tubes, this liquid color is applied with a sponge and dries quickly on the skin.

Pigment/Loose powder-. Instead of being pressed, they are a loose powder and it is highly pigmented. They are applied with a shadow brush just like a pressed powder.

4. NYX jumbo eye pencils

NYX jumbo eye pencils

Pencils– Pencil eye shadows are a newer shadow. They are normally a cream type shadow that comes in the form of a pencil. These are normally used for the same thing as the cream shadow; as a base for powder or loose eye shadow.




Source: GlamByTee

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