Corporate Drapes #206: Culture

Corporate Drapes #206: Culture

Corporate Drapes #206 Culture Corporate Drapes #206: Culture

Do you have the culture to respond? especially to needs that are not directly related to your work or job descriptions?

Life is about service to others. Its not about what you can gain or what makes you happy, its about what you can give. Unless we all have this  culture imbibed in our consciousness, we will not be able to create an environment (in this case, a company) that works.

This new work year, be disciplined in your responsibilities, choices and decisions. Dress to work properly and always remember to be beautiful.

Look 1: adorable_ada
Look 1: Ada
Look 2: artbecomesyou
Look 2: Lydia Epangue (artbecomesyou)
Look 3: cournety love
Look 3: Courtney
Look 4: ironyofashi
Look 4: Agatha Ashi
Look 5: nadyscollection
Look 5: nadyscollection

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