I don’t know the title…

I don’t know the title…

Hey Ladies,

Happy New Year from me :)!!!

It’s the beginning of another calendar year for us all, with the usual New Year resolutions flying around and all. Cliché right? ain’t nobody go time for that (I think new year resolutions are “to-dos” for the first week of the new year).

So 2015 came with a lot of “Operation Seize the Bae” hype and while it’s probably a bunch of funny memes for most people on Social Media it’s a very real experience for some beautiful ladies who expected to “Seize the bae” in 2015. For some reason I woke up this morning itching to write about this.


Some folks even took it this far @H_L_MA :



Oh well 2015 has come and gone still no Bae!



Well let’s not reminisce too much on the past! Let’s look towards a bigger and better 2016!!!


At intervals through out the year I’ll be writing on “Beauty Beyond The Skin” which would talk majorly on what it means to truly be beautiful IN and OUT!


I’ll leave you to think about this as you make your way into the New Year:



Stay Beautiful!



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