Wedding Glam #75: Tidings

Wedding Glam #75: Tidings

Wedding Glam #75 Tidings

Wedding Glam #75: Tidings

You’ve done everything right and you’ve turned up to the wedding looking glam and owambe-ready; but then disaster strikes – you spill red wine on your gorg asoebi or someone bumps into you while you’re sipping your drink.

Unless you want to spend the rest of the wedding trying to convince everyone that an embarrassing stain is the latest accessory, bring tide to go with you. A stain remover that can fit in your pocket will make short work of any mishaps that may occur and will be your savoir particularly if you’re wearing pricey clothes.

See my fave asoebi styles for the new year weddings!!

Look 1:
Look 1: Nkiru Nwosu
Look 2: Mrs Aj
Look 3: Ameera Abraham
Look 4: Duchess ifeoma ugoanyanwu
Look 5: Temi

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  • Joyce January 27, 2016 6:43 am

    I like all the styles

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