How To Stay Stylish And Comfortable When Travelling

How To Stay Stylish And Comfortable When Travelling


How To Stay Stylish And Comfortable When Travelling

It’s new year and loads of us will be travelling & returning from one place to another by road or by air. What you wear for your trip(s) matter a lot. Just because you’re travelling doesn’t mean you have to look less than your best; especially if you’re catching up with family or friends you only see every now and then.

While we all want to look good, you’ve got to feel good—and make your flight or bus on time. Things you should consider when picking your outfit to travel include:

  1. I’m I wearing the right shoes?

When choosing shoes, there are two main things to consider. First, are they easy to take off and put back on for passing through security at the airport? Second, will they still be comfortable (or fit) if you swell up a bit by the end of your trip? Be sure to stay away from anything overly complicated (such as gladiator sandals) and anything too tight.

  1. Are my jewelleries easy to remove?

Unless your jewellery is solid gold or silver or extremely dainty, it very well may set off the metal detectors, in which case you’ll have to remove it. To avoid holding up the lines and delaying yourself, be sure that anything you do wear is a breeze to remove and put back on. We suggest avoiding chunky necklaces and earrings with difficult closures, as well as thick rings that don’t come off easily.

  1. Is my top breathable?

For long flights especially, you want to be sure to wear a top that’s made from a breathable fabric such as cotton or linen. Not only do these have stretch, but they are lightweight and absorbent—unlike silk or polyester. If you’re going for a more dressed-up look, consider wearing a cotton cami or tee under your blouse of choice.

  1. Are my pants too tight?

It’s hard to notice how uncomfortable tight pants are when you first put them on, but after sitting for hours, you will instantly regret the decision to wear them. To avoid either having to unbutton or getting a stomach-ache, wear pants that have some stretch, have an adjustable waist, or are on the looser side.

  1. How will the weather be when I arrive?

If you’re flying somewhere with a different climate, it’s important to keep that in mind when getting dressed. If your destination is only mildly hotter or colder, dress in layers that you can easily throw in your carry-on either before or after the flight. Always carry a shawl with you.

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