How To Properly Apply Bronzer

How To Properly Apply Bronzer
How To Properly Apply Bronzer

 How To Properly Apply Bronzer

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Back to bring vain though, what is the proper way to apply Bronzer and Blush to give your skin that pretty glow?

Porcelain skin is beautiful but it can sometimes look tired and washed out. Properly applying bronzer and blush gives pale skin a sun-kissed radiance that looks natural and healthy.

1. Start by evening out your skin tone. Bronzer and blush won’t do much good when applied to blotchy skin, so this step is important. A tinted moisturizer will feel lighter and look more natural, but liquid foundation works well, too. A matching concealer can cover up under-eye circles, areas of redness, and other imperfections. Set your canvas with a loose powder and you’re ready to move on to bronzer and blush.

2. Choose the colours that work best for you. When it comes to bronzer and blush, selecting the correct colour is just as important as application. Some makeup lines have color-matching systems that suggest the right hue for just about every skin tone. A makeup artist at a department store makeup counter can be helpful, too.

3. Now it’s time to apply the bronzer. To get that natural, sun-kissed look, apply bronzer with a light hand, building it up in sheer layers. A little goes a long way. Focus on the areas that the sun would naturally hit, including forehead, chin and jaw line, and the tops of cheeks, using sweeping motions on top of your brow bone and circular motions on your cheeks and chin. Cosmetic counters offer a number of bronzing products; start with a powder bronzer with just a hint of shimmer.

4. Applying the blush is the final step. As with bronzers, there are many types of blush, from powders to creams to cheek stains. Stain is a good option because it goes on sheer and you can build it up subtly to avoid a clown-like appearance. Some people blend two colors of blush, or you can keep things simple with one. Apply it in a circular motion to the applesof your cheeks (the lifted round zones that are created when you smile) and blend it outward toward your hairline for a natural look. A bit of color will wake up your skin without risking damage from UV rays.

Learn to properly apply bronzer and blush and you’ll be able to greet the day with an outlook as bright as your face.

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