New Year – New Beauty Habits by Lola OJ

New Year – New Beauty Habits by Lola OJ


New Year – New Beauty Habits by Lola OJ

Beauty Habits to form or to take forward into the New Year!

I have seen many beauty trends come and go, but this year I have noticed that many beauty trends are here to stay! As a beauty enthusiast I love to try out new and innovative beauty tools and techniques and when they work, I keep them. It is that simple. Find out what works for you and run with it. Although some beauty habits are subjective, there are key objective habits that I think most of us can benefit from.

There are many beauty trends I would hate to see go into the New Year but I am going to focus on the things I’d suggest we take into the New Year instead!

That being said, here is my list of the top 3 habits to form in the New Year if you haven’t already, if they have never been a beauty focus for you, then make it a beauty goal for the New Year and see the results. 


1.     An effective skin care routine

Healthy skin is a perfect canvas for any make up look – I don’t think that this can be stressed enough. Notice I said HEALTHY, not PERFECT. Often we have this thing in our head that people we see online with “perfect skin” are flawless in real life. Let’s be real, with make-up and filter, skin can look flawless.

Rather than just looking flawless, it’s also essential to try and achieve flawless skin. I still get quite shocked to find out that people sleep with their make up on! Although, removing your make up and washing your skin every night doesn’t guarantee problem free skin, it is certainly a step in the right direction!

We all have different issues with our skin, whether it be blemishes, black spots, un-even patches, discolouration or spots, they are all things that can actively be worked on. 

First of all, I would say be realistic, skin issues do not correct themselves overnight so be prepared to be consistent and patient to obtain optimal results. Secondly, do your research and INVEST in good quality products, if you can spend money on bags and shoes I think you can spend even more on your natural form, your skin! Thirdly, embrace your flaws and do not get too down about it, having skin issues can be very disheartening, go online and read other peoples stories and know you are not alone.

Overall, look after your skin to the best of your ability, take it seriously and you are likely to see great results! Create a good skin care regime and do not break from it, if it works, stick with it, if not make adjustments where necessary and continue until you have a routine that works for YOU. Find out information online and through referrals from those who have similar issues, there are a world of products and techniques that can help.


2.  Natural make-up looks

This can sound quite ironic, using make up to look natural?! But, in all honesty it’s just a way to enhance your beauty without completely transforming yourself. A natural make up look normally consists of light concealer/foundation, minimal blush and contouring, no eye shadow or natural skin tone eye shadows, defined brows, and a nude lip. This may sound like a lot of make up for a ‘natural look’ but it really looks minimal on the face and it is a look I think we can all get right.

Though we may love dramatic make up looks, I would suggest we leave that for appropriate occasions and not for a daily look. Focus on your natural features and warm tones and you can really create an alluring look which looks minimal that you can replicate pretty much every day. 

Thanks to the internet you can watch many online tutorials and view images of such looks, it may take some practice but it is certainly worth the effort once you get the hang of it.


3.  Using good quality beauty tools

I think this is more important than people pay attention to. Although some make up tools can be expensive, there are often cheaper tools which can still allow you to achieve the desired look. Often that flawless finish you see someone have is a combination of good skin, good products and good make up tools. Although it is not always true that ‘you pay for what you get’ often I have found that many expensive tools are better. These tools have been created specifically for a use, so to mimic particular techniques you see, it can be an annoying necessity. So where and when you can, purchase good brushes and tools as it will significantly enhance the process and end result of your make up application.

With great make up tools come inherited maintenance, ensure you wash your brushes regularly and also store them away hygienically. Dirty brushes are breeding places for bacteria and can really have a negative effect on the skin, clean brushes are ideal for the best make up applications.

I hope these 3 habits do help, and if it is routine for you already, keep it up and I will try my best to also!

Happy New Year!

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