What to Wear: Office End of the Year Party

What to Wear: Office End of the Year Party

office End of the year party

What to Wear: Office End of the Year

Office end of the year party is one of life’s tricky events. You are constantly torn between wearing an outfit that presents you as a bore to colleagues and one that gives off the “where exactly does she think she is at” look in-front of your bosses.

On top of the anxiety of how to behave, there’s also the question of what to wear. Though it seems like you have to follow a lot of rules when it comes time to dress for your office end of year party, you can still have fun with your look.

Let the dress code guide your choice of apparel so you’re sure to dress for the occasion. If it’s less strict than the regular office dress code, go with that and if its a more casual office setting dress up a bit! Stay aware from those jeans for this one night!


Here we present you with looks you can pull for your office party…enjoy!

Look 1: artbecomesyou
Look 1: Lydia Epangue
Look 1: lendisi
Look 2: Lendisi
Look 3: tracisteele
Look 3: Traci Steele
Look 2: ohsococoa
Look 4: Cindy Louis
Look 5: tounaj
Look 5: Toun Aj

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Credit: Nigeriafilms

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