How To Healthfully Navigate Through The Holidays

How To Healthfully Navigate Through The Holidays
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How To Healthfully Navigate Through The Holidays

Hello ladies, I know we’re currently “fit-famming” and this holiday season poses a serious threat to our cravings. I mean, with all the Xmas “peri peri”, cakes, candies, sweets, meat (sweet heavens, yes meat!!)  it’s almost impossible to stay faithful to your course.

Here’s how you can hack your way through this holiday menu and still stay healthy.

Start each morning with lemon water. It’s high in vitamin C and immediately boosts the immune system as well as cleanses the mouth, stomach and liver. Also, drink lemon water after a heavy meal to aid with digestion. Don’t deprive yourself! When you feel like eating desserts, eat them, but make sure it’s as natural as possible. If you aren’t getting nutrition and antioxidants from your desserts, don’t eat them! Replace all junk foods with natural alternatives, including raw chocolate, cashew cheesecake, gluten-free cookie dough balls made with almonds, ice cream made with nuts or apple crumble. Desserts should nourish your body — have your cake and eat it, too.

Eat as many raw whole foods as possible. Whole foods are extremely nutrient rich and help us to feel light and positive. Add raw whole elements to your cooked meals like fresh parsley, cilantro, cucumber, celery and avocado to soups, pastas, rice, quinoa and curries.

Commit to staying away from refined white sugar. Go for natural sugars instead like dates, honey, maple syrup and fruits. White sugar can create anxiety and stress on the body, especially the digestive system.

Get in the kitchen. Make it a group effort to cook, clean and celebrate being together. When more people have a hand in helping with the process, it helps to enjoy the meal more. Helping with cleanup gives everyone something to do besides post-meal grazing.

Start the day right. Take time for yourself in the morning to go for a walk, do a simple meditation or journal. Whatever your favorite thing to do to center yourself is, do it. You’ll feel more spacious during the day, even when the house gets filled with everyone.

A salad a day provides balance: Much like a morning smoothie can catapult your health for the day, a fresh plant-powered salad can provide you with extra minerals and enzymes benefiting how your body responds to your entire meal. When you combine foods on your holiday plate, try to remember this idea for balance and instead of combining carbohydrates and denser proteins (like turkey and potatoes), try instead the protein and a salad…….

I’m sure you’d thank me in January. *wink*

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