Pro Tips for Organizing Your Harmattan Wardrobe

Pro Tips for Organizing Your Harmattan Wardrobe
Pro Tips for Organizing Your Harmattan Wardrobe

 Pro Tips for Organizing Your Harmattan Wardrobe

To account for the change in temperature, adjusting your closet to accommodate a harmattan wardrobe is a must. It’s time to stow away those bright summer dresses and break out your best “thick clothings”, if you haven’t already.

Here, we polled out some quick tips to help you properly organize your closet for the season ahead.

1. Blazers/Jackets/Cardigans are a must.

In this part of the country, Blazers/Jackets/Cardigans are a bit on the heavy side. Still it’s advised that you stock up your wardrobe with jackets and blazers of various colours and styles. You can throw in a couple of bright colours to help enliven your look.

2. Cotton Camisoles and Blouses

The harmattan season is one which features two extreme weather types. It’s windy and chilly in the mornings and at night, while the afternoon heat could drive you insane sometimes. Cotton camisoles and blouses would help absorb your sweat and reduce discomfort. This also allows you to easily take off your blazer when the heat decides to get its freak on. Avoid materials like chiffon, nylon, polyester, silk, taffeta etc

3. Lip Balms

Yes, nobody looks good on dry flaky lips. Endeavour to get a lip balm or chapstick to carry about in your purse.

4. Moisturisers and sun screen.

No one looks good on sun burnt or dry skin. So properly moisturise your body before stepping out to avoid cracked skin

Many Moisturisers and body lotions come with SPF but the amount (usually about 15 SPF) is never enough to properly protect you. You should always supplement with an SPF of at least 40 worn under the moisturiser.

5. Sun Glasses and wide brimmed hats

If you’d run a lot of errands during the day, these are a must have in your harmattan collection. Not only do they shield you from direct sun rays, they’re also very classy and chic when paired with the right attire.

Are you ready for the harmattan season? Which of these tips would you like to try out?

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