Why You Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast


Why You Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast

Hello Kamdolls, I trust your night was smooth.

We know breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. Sometimes though, for some reason, we might choose to skip breakfast. I remember a few years back when I was trying to “diet”, I’d not eat anything till about 2pm everyday. I believed I was doing the right thing. But starving one’s self only worsens the situation.

Some might say, “I’m in a huge hurry, I don’t have time to sit and eat”, so they skip breakfast. Sister, why not pack up something little to munch on. Besides, half bread is better than none right?

I’ve been able to compile a list of the benefits of eating breakfast….

– You feel more energized and happier

-It improves concentration and focus (trust me, you can’t achieve much with that rumble in your belly)

– It aids in weight loss (when you skip breakfast, you starve your body. And when you finally eat, your body gets to store up more than it would’ve. Eating a healthy breakfast helps you lose weight by not storing up unnecessary food in your system).

– It boosts your metabolism

– It helps improve your memory

– It’s a great source of vitamins and nutrients

– It controls hunger and keeps you from over-eating

– It helps lower bad cholesterol

You see ladies, skipping breakfast doesn’t actually help you. What are some other benefits of breakfast you know. Tell me in the comment box below. Xoxo

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