Girl Lifestyle: The Cost Of Happiness

Girl Lifestyle: The Cost Of Happiness

The cost of Hapiness

Girl Lifestyle: The Cost Of Happiness

Thankfully, It doesn’t cost much to be happy. So go ahead, take this challenge.

Live Inside

The amount of stuff going on around us, is enough drama. Learn to live inside. Everything outside may be going wrong, but in your head, keep thinking, ‘happiness’.

Be Deliberately Happy

There are these muscles in the middle of my forehead. I feel them contract when I am angry about something. All I have to do is relax them, and turn it into a broad smile. And there you go, ‘I am happy’.

Fill the Inner-person

Within you is somebody who feels. Turn this person into a happy being. You are a radiation of who you are inside. So clear the trash, and fill this being with happiness.

You see, this is all it cost to be happy. Xoxo.

Kaymee Bassey
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