Oversized Earrings

Oversized Earrings
Oversized Earrings
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Oversized Earrings

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Some of you love to rock those huge statement earrings but how can you avoid getting hurt by them?….keep reading to find out

Oversized earrings make a fashion statement, but there risks are associated with wearing big accessories. For the majority of earrings wearers getting an irritated, stretched or torn lobe is definitely not desirable. This problem is often caused by wearing earrings that are particularly heavy. Still, if you have a certain heavy pair that you can’t give up, there are a couple of ways to reduce the stress on your lobe.

Combing Your Hair

When you are combing or brushing your hair, you can inadvertently catch the earrings in the teeth or bristles of the comb or brush and tear your earlobe. A badly then alone must be repaired surgically.


If you are the mother of a young baby, beware: He/She will grab and tug on your earrings, especially if they are big, shiny and noticeable.

Tangled Up

Your hair can get tangled up in a hoop earring. When you turn your head, the tangled hair is going to pull on the earring. The earring can come unhooked on its own, but if it doesn’t, you risk tearing your earlobe. Be careful not to get your earrings tangled up in a coat, hood or scarf when putting these items on and taking them off.


Oversized earrings particularly those that are heavy, can result in permanent damage to your earlobes. The earrings, if worn for long periods, will stretch your earlobes. This is not a medical concern but it might be an aesthetic issue for you if you end up with stretched out lobes. (we don’t want our ears looking like that of Grams).


Don’t wear oversized Earrings when engaging in sporting activities. It is so easy for someone to accidentally get tangled up with your earring and cause your ear to rip.


If you’re a cat or puppy owner, take note that your pet might take a swat at your shiny earrings. If he snags the earring and gives it a tug, you are in trouble.


  • When all else fails, try opting for earrings made of lighter materials. Many materials look large, this kind and heavy but don’t actually add a lot of weight. 
  • To avoid earlobe tears, don’t wear heavy earrings for a long period of time, and remove hoop or dangling earrings when using the phone, styling your hair, or holding a baby or a toddler
  • If your earlobe is torn suddenly as a result of trauma (from a hairbrush, baby pulling on earring etc.),seek immediate medical attention. Otherwise when the torn edges heal, they can from fistulas or clefts.  
  • See your doctor at the first sign of infection. 

Source: Lifestyle Magazine

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