Girl Lifestyle: Delegate Now!

Girl Lifestyle: Delegate Now!

Delegate Now

One key to being disorganized, is by being a Jack of all trades. – Kaymee

Hey, Hey, thanks for hanging with us today on Girl Lifestyle. Muah! Today, it is all about delegation.

Why Delegate

Because delegation allows you perform all your tasks optimally, without necessarily being the one to perform them.

Whom To Delegate To

  • A Task Manager

There are technologies/software that enable us to be optimal. RSS Demons, Alarm Systems, Schedule-technologies, Group-Call Apps, office software, etc. make the best use of them to maximize your time and work ethic.

  • An Assistant

Not necessarily somebody you have to pay. Like, a younger sibling, a mentee, etc. The more responsibilities you have, the more you should delegate so that the greater responsibilities don’t suffer. And also give somebody else a chance to learn and grow, through responsibility, by delegating to them. Don’t say “I don’t trust people all up in my stuff”, cos you can always oversee.

Examples of stuff you can delegate

  1. Laundry to the Washing Machine
  2. Budgeting to an App/person
  3. To-do-list to an App/Calendar
  4. Wake-up System to an Alarm
  5. Personal Management to an Assistant
  6. Career Management to a Manager


Please complete the list.



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