Raid Your Boyfriend’s Closet Right Now!

Raid Your Boyfriend’s Closet Right Now!

His clothes are comfier 

Maybe it’s because his clothes are oversize, or maybe it’s because he’s a warm body, but for some reason your man’s clothes will always be comfier than yours – especially to go to bed.

Dillish Mathews
Dillish Mathews

You never have to shop for oversize anything!

Come fall/autumn/hamattan, you never have to shop for oversized sweaters or button down shirts because you could just steal your bf’s shirt. Think flannel!

oge agu
Oge Agu

Your causal style game will become effortless 

Basically this.

boyfriend clothes

And this.

Look 1: patrice.madere
Patrice Madere

And, yeah. This too!

johanna Olsson
johanna Olsson

You’ll have his scent on you all day 

This is the most romantic part. If you love the smell of his perfume, you’ll have it on you all day. You’ll feel loved and more in love.


You can switch up your style when you’re bored 

Whether you want to try out the androgyny look, or the badass look, your bf’s closet is now an extension of yours.


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