7 Tips On How to Dress for a Fashion Show

7 Tips On How to Dress for a Fashion Show

7 Tips On How to Dress for a Fashion Show

It’s the Fashion Show season. Last weekend was the successful TLWE event and today the much anticipated Lagos Fashion and Design Week (Read HERE) begins.

Did you plan to attend? But almost changing your mind because  after days of rummaging through your closet and fashion stores for what to wear, you can’t seem to find anything suitable. Kamdora’s Nkechi has come to your rescue.

7 Tips On How To Dress To A Fashion Show

  1. Keep it simple but classy. Well, except you’re planning  to compete for a thousand camera flashes with the ladies up on the runway, I don’t see the need to go over the top with your outfit.

    Patricia Bright
  2. Do a little research.  Now is the time to take a good look at the body you have now ( not the one taped on your fridge that you’re trying to become), find out what will look best on you. There are lots of online resources that will help you figure out what suits your body type and how to flatter or hide. See here
  3. Save your money. Unless you are a super celebrity with an eight figure salary, there is no reason you should drop an entire month’s rent on a new outfit for the show. Sure – buy a beautiful investment piece that stands out and is re-wearable. But don’t go overboard on designer wear just for this one show.
  4. Get those shoes off the boxes. Most of the time, I’m all for comfort over fabulous. But hey, this is no time for ballet flats. Put those comfy shoes away, this is one of the only times your most beautiful shoes will have a reason to exist besides being beautiful in your closet.

    Shirley B. Eniang
    Shirley B. Eniang
  5. Accessorize.  We all know how the most boring outfits can be made alive with just the right neck piece. Be careful not to over do though. One of the rules of accessorizing is ” when you’re done dressing up. Take a good look at your self in the mirror and take off one piece of accessory.”
  6. Sophisticated, not slutty. Networking is part of the agenda. You want to create a good, memorable, lasting impression on your new contacts. Do sophisticated not slutty
  7. Be you! Remember…you’re you. Relax! Be confident! Wear your beautiful smile! Network!

And make sure to have fun!!

Nkechi Ubakaeze
I am a Communications Strategist with an FMC by day. A Kamdora Content Contributor every time I'm inspired. I am very passionate about helping women achieve their personal, professional and fashion goals. I love to read, write, dance, watch movies, shop, style hair.

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