5 Food Myths You Must Stop Believing

5 Food Myths You Must Stop Believing


5 Food Myths You Must Stop Believing

These food myths have lived with a lot of people over the years… it’s time to get them busted!


1. Red wine is good for you: It’s been confirmed that a glass of red wine a day is good for the heart… emphasis on  “one”. Taking more than one glass can actually counteract the health benefits.

2. 100% fruit juice is good for you: A glass of juice contains more calories than a piece of fruit and lacks all the fibre contained in whole fruit. Whole fruit also provides vitamins and fibre that tends to curb your intake of other food.

3. Dark bread is always better than white: Dark bread doesn’t necessarily mean healthy bread. It could simply contain more caramel colouring or a little extra whole wheat. If you are looking for healthy bread, watch out for words like whole grain or 100% whole wheat bread.

4. Brown eggs are more nutritious than white eggs: The colour of an egg shell is an indication of the colour of feather of the bird it came from. White hens lay white eggs and red hens lay brown eggs.

5. Labels that read “all natural” are healthy products: Unless the label is on meat or poultry, the term “natural” holds no meaning.

So ladies, have you lived your life believing any of these myths? Share your answers below… xoxo

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