Weekend of Colour

Weekend of Colour


Weekend of Colour

Hello Ladies.

The weekend has just begun and we are making it the weekend of colour! Lets dare ourself, change-up our look  a little this weekend. Lots of girls restrict themselves to natural hair colours like brown or black and only try to explore colours with braids.


I believe we do this cause we are scared of how we may look with other colours. The truth is, you wont know unless you try. Will you?!


For those of us planning to go to the salon with a plain natural coloured style in mind, buy some dye and spice that hair up!  And for those who might already be in a salon, it’s not too late!


Not just red o! Red isn’t the only colour out there cause I know its the first thing that comes most of us mind when we want to try some colour and please be careful. We definitely dont wont you looking crazy out there.

Cut & color☻♥:

Go ahead. You wont regret it.

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Abiy Egbeson

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