7 Lip Tricks You Don’t want To Miss

7 Lip Tricks You Don’t want To Miss


7 Lip Tricks You Don’t want To Miss

Hey ladies,

How’s your Sunday going? mine is super thanks for asking, today I’m going to give your lips some tricks you really don’t want to miss.  

Here are some awesome tricks for your lips;

1. Use a lip balm with SPF for your lips they need protection from ultra violet rays like the rest of your body.

2. For dark lipsticks get a more vibrant colour by applying concealer over the lips and lining with a lip liner before applying lipstick.

3. To prevent cracked lipstick lips always scrub lips with sugar scrub and apply lip balm before lipstick( you can wipe the lip balm before applying lipstick if you want a very matte lips)

4. Try not to lick your lips when they are dry they become worse when the siliva  evaporates use a lip balm instead

5. To prevent dripping lip gloss apply with a lip brush to control application.

6. Prevent your lipstick from staining the glass by licking the side of your glass where your lips would touch when no one is looking(I know its gross but it really works lol).

7. Want Matte lips? No problem apply lipstick and the same eye shadow colour to the lips and enjoy your matte lips.


I hope these lip tricks will help you all,

stay stylish..xoxo.


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