You Go Girl: Setting Goals

You Go Girl: Setting Goals

You Go Girl: Setting Goals

Hey guys, happy new week! Yeah I missed you! And I def got sumfing for you. This is it – “How to set and accomplish new goals”. This can’t go boring, so stay with me.

Target (goals)

Hopefully all of us have this every day we wake up. As one man had rightly pointed out, “There would be no need for a football match, if there were no goal post to measure the efforts of the players.” Everybody’s got to have a target – don’t aim at nothing, and hope for something- you are the key player in your life.


If there were no ‘inches’ or ‘pounds’, how would you measure your efforts in gaining or losing some. Think about it! To be able to measure your goals accomplishment or nah, you have to break it down into milestones! That’s how to know how far you’ve gone, or how far you still have to go.

Methods (strategy)

To start with, there is no need of having a target (goals), or creating milestones without a strategy for accomplishing these goals. “How are you going to go about it?” This is the question that is on investor’s lips. Even you at one point or the other, have found yourself asking somebody how they were going to go about a thing.

The Success Story

This is the moment we all have been waiting for. Yes! Setting goals definitely pays off. But remember it takes three interesting but painstaking steps (Targeting, creating milestones and Strategizing) to get to this one place. And just a tip, persistence is a virtue one needs to imbibe, in scoring these goals. And also write them down, it serves as motivation and encourages specificity.

I’m on it babay! You too, pull through. All the best!


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