DIY: How to Fix False Lashes

DIY: How to Fix False Lashes
DIY: How to Fix False Lashes
Lola Oj

DIY: How to Fix False Lashes

Holla!! I had to write on lashes, I had no choice. I believe that I’m contributing a little to the beauty world by doing this. I’m tired of seeing people on those thick, heavy lashes. They are no longer in vogue, if you’re still using these lashes, sister gurrll please upgrade.

Now we have strip lashes, these ones don’t require a lot of time to fix, and are now very popular. We also have the single lashes, these ones take time, you have to fix it one after the other.

Human hair lashes, these ones look really natural and are the best. It would give your eyes a great pop, and not make you look too artificial. If this is expensive for you, you can get the synthetic strip lashes.

Things You Need

1. Lashes

2. Scissors

3. Tweezers (optional)

4. Lash Glue


1. First things first, cut the lashes if its wider than your eyelash line. It shouldn’t get past your eyelash line at all.

2. You can use the tweezers to pick the lashes instead of using your fingers.

3. Put a little glue on the inner part of the lashes

4. Let the glue get a little dry and put the lashes over your natural lash line

5. Place the lash very close to the base of your natural lashes, you can use the tweezers to press it down a little

6. Allow the glue get dry before applying your mascara or anything else. And you’re done.

Thank me later *smile*


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