How to Shrink Your Pores

How to Shrink Your Pores

Woman with spotty skin with deep pores and blackhead and healed soft skin

How to Shrink Your Pores

Large pores are just show spoilers, ughh!! especially those moments when you aim to achieve a flawless, perfect face, of course your pores just pop up and ruin everything. Your pores cannot disappear no matter what you use, however, you can use some things to make them appear smaller for a while.

Our pores are gotten from genetics, which is why we have small pores, large pores or very few pores, ladies with oily skin tend to have bigger pores than those with dry skin. Its best to exfoliate and keep your pores clean at all times to prevent breakouts, and also prevent them from looking bigger than they really are.

There are various things you can use to minimize the appearance of pores;

1. A pore eraser: There are products for erasing pores, such as the Maybelline instant pore eraser, benefit the porefessional. You can apply them before putting on your makeup.

2. Get oil free facial products (primer, foundation etc.)

3. Avoid eating too much oily and greasy food.

4. Steam your face regularly

5. Always wash off your makeup at night, this gives your face a chance to breath

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