My Closet Organizer

My Closet Organizer

My Closet Organizer

That moment when I take a look at my closet, and give it the smh look.

There are pieces flying around, some be screaming – “tidy me”, others just scrambling for

space. Lmao! That moment when you just wish you could press a button and everything will be organized. Viola! My wish just came true, and I thought I should share:

My closet organizer

1. Me: I Let every piece a space
I don’t clog items, I give each item its space. The hats, shoes, scarfs, wrist watches, etc. choose a favourite spot for each of them. I’m talking about partitioning.
2. Err…Me: I Replace every piece immediately after use
When I take out a piece, I don’t leave it lying around or feel like I can always return it later. If I do, it becomes a habit, and my closet will never be organized.
3. Still Me: I Find time to care.
I realize that every piece requires special care. e.g. Laundry needs. Don’t take this needs for granted. Better still have a closet-clean-out routine, and follow it.

       The thing is, this closet thingy is DIY. My honest discovery. Join me in this discovery, lets share ideas too. Somebody is listening and learning.

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