Shampoos For Washing the Natural Hair

Shampoos For Washing the Natural Hair


Shampoos for washing the natural hair

I have been sceptical about writing on specific products to use on your natural hair. This is because what works for me might not necessarily work for you. It took me 2 years to get to where I am now. Two years of constant research, practice and reading about the natural hair. You have to discover what works for you. So I have to say this – The natural hair journey is a personal one 🙂 ( where else have you heard this phrase) you have to be in touch with your hair, listen to it, learn new practices, unlearn old, bad ones. So this post is based on my own personal experiences, you can try them. I hope it works for you.

1- Bi carbonate Soda – Yes! same ol’ baking soda



4 table spoons Bicarbonate Soda

50cl clean water

3 table spoons apple cider vinegar


Using a bottle mix both ingredients very well until the Bicarbonate soda doesn’t settle at the bottle any more.

Wet your hair properly. Pour the mixture on your hair and massage, you will see the dirt come off.

Dilute the 3 table spoon ACV with water and use to rinse off your hair, this would close the cuticle and eliminate frizz


Leaves the hair squeaky clean

I advise that you use this only once a month because bicarbonate soda would strip your hair of grease and can make the hair really dry but this is a better choice than the regular shampoo with the millions of chemicals that are toxic to the body.


2- Conditioner


Washing with conditioner in the natural hair world is called ‘co-washing’. This is when you wash your hair using conditioners instead of shampoos. If your hair is naturally very dry, you might want to switch to co-washing. I use Alberto V05 strawberries and cream. Another one I would recommend is Suave.


No frizz

Doesn’t strip your hair of it’s natural oils and moisture.





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