These Simple Tips Will Brighten Your Teeth

These Simple Tips Will Brighten Your Teeth

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These Simple Tips Will Brighten Your Teeth

Brighter teeth is always the better option and every lady wants to have that killer smile so here are few tips that are sure to brighten your them;

1. Stop sipping:  Coffee and wine are one of the things that cause yellowing of the teeth and sipping on these drinks cause them to come in contact with them. You can use a straw to take drinks instead.

2. Go for silica: When getting your toothpastes, look for those that have silica as part of the ingredients. Silica gives the toothpaste extra scrubbing power that removes surface stains… and that means brighter teeth.

3.  Brush 30 minutes after eating: For those of you that brush after every meal, it best to wait for about 30 minutes after you finish a meal to brush. This is because the enamel on your teeth is at is weakest after you eat. Brushing right away can thin that enamel, leading to stains on your teeth. Waiting helps preserve the enamel and the white brightness of your teeth.


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  • Bev May 24, 2015 11:46 pm

    Other points are great apart from the first…..I don’t see how you expect us to take coffee and wines with straws.

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