Eye Liner Mistakes Ladies Make

Eye Liner Mistakes Ladies Make


Eye Liner Mistakes Ladies Make

We all know that eyeliner can make such a big difference on our faces and it is also one of the trickiest products to apply.

As with other makeup products, ladies tend to make a lot of mistakes when using them. Here are some mistakes ladies make when using eye liner products:

1. Over-lining the bottom lid: Ladies often get carried away and line their lower lids rather too harshly. Making it so dark can make your eyes appear smaller (it’s ok if achieving smaller eyes is your aim). Also, it’s more prone to smudges.

2. Applying it unevenly: Uneven or rough eyeliner application is never nice, it looks rough and well… not nice. Avoid tugging at the corners of your eyes to apply your liner, not only does this make it uneven, it also causes skin to wrinkle. Instead, try pointing your chin up and looking down so that your lids are half way closed. This should help you apply them evenly.

3. Using just black and brown liners: These are the go to colours people think of when it comes to liners, but did you know that using other colours of liners on your lower lids will look great as well? They will help in making you appear more awake and refreshed.

4. Not knowing the different types of eyeliners: Pencil eye liners are best if you’re in a hurry: They’re the quickest to put on and resist smearing. Gel liners give you a more glam look, are water-resistant, and allow more control over line thickness. Liquid liners are the “advanced” kind. They apply more precisely, but you really need a steady hand to put them on. If you’re a beginner trying a wing-tip or cat-eye, use gel instead of liquid. To know more about the different types of liners, read HERE.

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