The Battle of The Soaps: Bar Soap Vs Body Wash

The Battle of The Soaps: Bar Soap Vs Body Wash


Several of us grew up using bar soaps to have our baths. Around the 1990’s however, manufacturers started introducing body wash, also known as shower gel or liquid soap.

There are various types of liquid soaps and most people have dumped bar soaps and adopted them. Each of these types of soaps has their pros and cons, and their usage should depend on your personal preference and your body type.

1. Body Wash


Pros: The pH of most body washes are closely related to that of our skin, making it less harsh on the body.  Also, body wash helps to trap natural oils in your skin, which benefits your skin’s elasticity significantly.

Cons: They are pricier than bar soaps and even though they lather well when we use them, bar soaps provide a much richer lather.

2. Bar Soap


Pros: Bar soap are cheaper than liquid soaps therefore making it affordable for everyone. Also, it works better for tough dirt and sweat, so it is a better choice for those who work under the sun and for athletes.

Cons: Bar soaps generally affect the natural pH of the body as they are typically alkaline in nature.  Bacteria thrive well in an alkaline environment, thus, making you more prone to breakouts and some minor skin infections. An increase in your skins pH can also make your skin dry and less likely to absorb water or moisture.

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