Ancient Beauty Tricks That Still Work

Ancient Beauty Tricks That Still Work

Some beauty tricks stood the test of time and still remained so potent. I think its time for us to ask our grandmas what the beauty tricks of their time were.

These ancient beauty tricks have been tried, tested and certified;

1. Egg whitesEgg-white-mask-to-reduce-black-heads

Egg whites can be applied to the face and neck areas to tighten the skin. This has been proved to provide a temporary face lift and hydrate the skin in the process.

2. Avocados:Body care series - Young woman applying facial mask

The oil of this fruit is easily absorbed by the skin. Apply it to the skin to reduce pore size, a healthy looking skin and for a moisturized skin.

3. Milk and Honey:milk-honey-and-lemon-juice-face-pack

This came from the famous beauty Cleopatra. It was said she had her bath with milk, honey and olive oil for her flawless skin. These products are often found in skin care products.

4. Rose water:bottle-of-rose-water

Rose water speaks of romance and luxury now, and dates back to ancient Egypt, where it did as well. Rose water prevents aging by reducing wrinkles and tightening skin pores. It was also used as a cleanser because it can easily remove dirt, oil and other pollutants from the skin.

Kamdolls, what do you think about these beauty tricks? Let me know by commenting below… xoxo

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