These 4 Products Will Give You the Perfect Eyebrows You Desire

These 4 Products Will Give You the Perfect Eyebrows You Desire

If you are like me, then you would be on a constant quest to get the perfect eyebrows. I can’t stand an imperfect brow… argh! So when I learn of new ways to make my brows perfect I get all excited.

I came across these 4 tips that are sure to give you the brows you desire;

1. Use concealer:Tunde K. Mason for

After drawing your brows, using your favourite concealer will give your brows that professional finish by cleaning up the area and hiding stray hairs. Using a concealer brush, apply a thin layer of concealer directly under your brows and on top of them, following the natural curve of the bone and BLEND well. The importance of blending cannot be over emphasized ladies!

2. Use mascara:orig

Just in case you are short of eyebrow fillers, mascara can do the job perfectly. Use brown mascara for this. Use tissue to wipe away excess mascara from the wand and use gentle strokes to brush your already drawn brows. It fills it and adds definition.

3. Hair pomade: orig (1)

These have been proven to give your brows a nice hold. If your brows don’t need filling, just use this instead or you can use it after filling to keep everything in place. Simply put a very thin layer of hair pomade, Vaseline or lip balm on your finger or a spoolie (eyebrow shaping tool that looks like a mascara wand) and smoothen out your brows.

4. Hairspray:prefect brows

If you can use this product to keep your hair styles in place, you can definitely use it on your brows. Not to worry, you don’t have to spray it directly and risk getting it into your eyes. Just spray some of this product on a spoolie and brush your brows into your desired shape.

 So kamdolls, will you try out these products on your brows? Let me know by commenting below… xoxo

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