Ombre Lip Colour

Ombre Lip Colour

IMG_9806jIf you’ve not heard of this trust me you’re missing out on some major beauty goodness. Ombre lips are so hot right now and it’s basically just blending two or three lipsticks of different shades or colors.

How to get the perfect Ombre lips

1. Exfoliate and use your lip concealer

2. Choose 2 similar colors of lipstick and lip liner, one light shade and a darker shade e.g. light pink and a dark pink liner or dark red lipstick with black lip liner

3. Line your lips with a lip liner darker than the shade of lipstick you intend to use (you could use the lip liner to fill the 2 corners of your upper and lower lips)

4. Use the lighter lippie inside the outlined lips

5. Smack your lips to blend the colors properly

6. If you don’t like your lipstick matte you could finish off with a little gloss tah dah you have the perfect Ombre lips.

*Be careful not to look like a scarecrow when using black lip liner, always blend it in properly.

See some of our fave ombre lip colour looks below…enjoy!

Look 1:
Look 1: Foxii_Roxcii
Look 3
Look 2
Look 3: ellarie
Look 3: Ellarie
Look 4: makeupbyzoya
Look 4: Zoya
Look 5:
Look 5: Tatiana Ward

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