4 Signs You Need To Change That Underwear

4 Signs You Need To Change That Underwear

4 Signs You Need To Change That Underwear

We have all have that favourite underwear we never allow to rest and that we are having a lot of problem letting go. It’s healthy and hygienic to change your underwear periodically, like every 6 months to a year.

Not sure when to change your underwear? These signs should be a guide;

4 Signs You Need To Change That Underwear

1. Loss of elasticity.
Over time the elastic in the waistband eventually wears out, causing it to lose its shape — and potentially fall off your body. The same goes for your brassiere. “If your bra is no longer stretchy in the straps or back, it won’t offer the proper support,”

2. They’re too small.
Because underwear is washed so often, shrinkage can be expected, especially if it’s made of cotton. You don’t want to cut off your circulation, so let go of any underwear that is too tight.

When it comes to your bra, your breasts probably change way more than you realize, so that bra that was once a perfect fit might be causing you more harm than good.

3. They’re uncomfortable.

Once your underwear start to feel uncomfortable, it’s advisable to let go of them.

4. They don’t have the same shape.
If the padding or cups of your bra shift and rumple, it’s time to buy a new one, you wouldn’t want gaps or bulges, your cups should align with your breast so that they can provide with with the right amount of support you need.

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