‘You Look Tired’…How To Never Hear This Again

‘You Look Tired’…How To Never Hear This Again

'You Look Tired'...How To Never Hear This Again

Hey kamdolls,

If like me, you are so sick of been told ‘You Look Tired’ then this is the perfect read for you. So many factors can stop you from feeling wide awake through out the course of your day. I mean as a working class lady or mother or student, self-care can be hard sometimes. With work, classes, the kids, the husband and the rest of the family all demanding a lot of your time and energy, looking tired is almost inevitable.

“Sometimes people look tired. Sometimes it’s because they are tired. Either way, they’re definitely aware of the fact that they’re tired and probably look that way”….XoJane.

When someone tells you that you look tired, they are probably right but then again you already knew that. Personally i think that comment should only come from my close friends and family. This way i know its cause they care and are really concerned for my sake.

It is really demoralizing to be told over and over again that you look tired, so here are some helpful tips you should try:

1. Morning routines:

Showermoisturize both your face and your eyes. A quick cold and hot shower in the morning energies and boost circulation within the body. Moisturizing the skin keeps it hydrated, looking smooth and radiant.

2. Makeup Tips:

-Highlight and brighten your eyes with a blue eye product (read HERE) esp the eyeliner and eye-shadows.

-Use bold lip colours to draw attention away from the upper head region: especially the eyes.

-Skip heavy foundation (which emphasizes puffy, lined eyes). Just apply a moisturizer all over and  a touch of concealer under the eyes and areas prone to eyebags.

-Stay away from matte lipsticks (i know! i know! i love them too). This makes a tired face look even more drawn. Brighten your face up, with a touch of gloss to your bottom lip.

3. Accessories:

Wear shinny and glittery accessories on the ear and neck. This draws attention away from your tired-looking face.

4. Others

i. Place a slice of cucumber or potato(Irish potato) on each eyes for 10 mins before going to bed. This reduces puffiness the following morning. Alternatively,  place 2 cold, used teabags / spoons/ ice cubes on your eyes for 10 minutes before and when you get up (if you can spare the time).

Can you relate to this? Which do you disagree with? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments…xoxo!

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