Product Review: Hairven Leave-in-conditioner and Serum

Product Review: Hairven Leave-in-conditioner and Serum

Product Review Hairven Leave-in-conditioner and Serum 2Many beauty gurus swear constantly on the greatness of products they review. I am not one to graciously praise just any brand, However every time a brand introduces a new product to the public, I join the group of product junkies to purchase.

Generally I am a weave gal #TeamWeave#, as I cant live straight without rocking my weaves. Like in the 365 days allocated in the year, at least 300 of those days i’m wearing hair extensions. And so in my usual quest to find a product that has a good leave-in -conditioner as well as a great serum, I decided to try out the Hairven Leave-in-conditioner and the Hairven Serum.  What gingered this purchase was first the “Packaging”. Second the “Smell” and third the “Price”(as an igbo girl).

What Hairven Leave-in-conditioner says:


      This is a light conditioning, leave-in detangling spray. Detangling conditioners and active botanicals leave hair with just the right amount of shine without weighing the hair down.

It adds body and volume leaving the hair extensions looking healthy and brand new.

This product is suitable for frequent use on human hair extensions.

Beauty with TM:

” I simply love this product!! Its really hard to find a good brand/ product that really speaks to your needs. I was tired of purchasing luxury hair products, and after 3-6 tries, I become disappointed with the purchase. Just when i was givingup on Hair products, this amazing product pops-up. The smell is heavenly, and the price is totally affordable, especially for budget-junkies like me. I hated the idea of always taking out my weaves just because I need to treat it. I wanted a semi-permanent product that can allow my fixing be great.

Hairven Smooth and Silky Hair-Serum says:

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This is a transformative redefining serum.

It transforms and redefines hair extensions. It is loaded with organic extracts that makes curly hair extensions smooth or natural looking. Straight hair extensions will be brilliant, sleek and full of shine and the hair takes on an unbelievable form.

All that is needed is a little pea sized drop and the hair extensions are transformed.

Beauty with TM:

Forget Hype! This product is everything for me!! You know how you’ve suffered in the hands of kerosene-smelly hair serums in this world, that will leave your weave looking like you poured groundnut oil on it!! Nah! I’m not about that life anymore. With 2-3 pumps, I massage this baby into my weave, and concentrate deeply on the tips, which tend to dry faster. My Love for this Hair serum cannot be over-emphasized.

*Have you used this product before? did it work for you? Tell us in the comments….xoxo!*

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